Retgen Energy Tracking Software: 

An Energy Management Success Story in a Plastic Material Manufacturing Factory

Sterk Plast, a plastic material production business, chose Retgen Energy Tracking Software to cut energy expenses and improve efficiency. The factory’s energy management was optimized using a solar energy generating plant on its roof and a panel design with analyzers for 93 consumption points.

The Retgen Energy Tracking Software assisted in real-time monitoring of the solar power producing plant’s performance and efficiency improvement. The solar panels’ energy output and efficiency levels were immediately monitored and recorded. As a result, the plant was able to save money on power by making the best use of solar energy.

Simultaneously, measurements taken on the panel with analyzers for 95 factory consumption locations allowed for a thorough analysis of the factory’s energy use. Retgen Software handled data obtained from analyzers, including voltage, current, active power, reactive power, consumption, and cosφ. This data enabled the firm to better understand energy usage trends and identify needless energy losses.

Thanks to the infrastructure supplied to its clients, Sterk Plast was able to examine energy consumption locations and take the required actions to boost efficiency. Retgen Energy Tracking Software performed a complete analysis indicating that various products and machinery should be retired and replaced. In this approach, low-efficiency devices or items with high energy costs were found, and the appropriate research was conducted.

Furthermore, thanks to the predictive capabilities of Retgen Energy Tracking Software, Sterk Plast was given a precise estimate of its energy requirements in the next years. These insights enabled the firm to better prepare for future energy requirements and manage energy costs more effectively.

As a result of the adoption of Retgen Energy Tracking Software, Sterk Plast has had remarkable success with energy management. This initiative, which aimed to optimize energy use, cut expenses, and boost efficiency, helped the plant meet its sustainability goals and earn a competitive advantage. Sterk Plast has become a leader in energy efficiency and sustainable energy use thanks to Retgen Energy Tracking Software.